Work With Me

At this time, The Kitchen Magpie Low Carb offers…


  • I am happy to collaborate with companies desiring product promotion through writing, giveaways, recipe creations featuring products, social media or advertising.
  • Only products and events that fit in with the ideals and philosophy of The Kitchen Magpie website will be considered.
  •  Please email using the form below for more information on availability and rates.

Product Reviews

If you have a product that I would have fun reviewing (kitchen gear) feel free to contact me but note that there is a fee for any and all posts regarding said product and it will be be my honest two cents about the product.

Please note: I am extremely picky about who I partner with. I turn down at least half of the potential pitches that I receive, resulting in the best quality promotion that I can provide to the clients whose message fit with my audience here on The Kitchen Magpie. Rest assured that you and your client are in capable hands and there is no fear that your message  is being diluted and lost within a website filled with partner posts. My readers are the single most important thing to me and are the reason that I am able to do this as a full time job, so please understand when I cannot take on a partnership opportunity that doesn't fit. There is always the chance that we can connect later on with a different product or promotion!

Thanks for thinking of me for your next project, I look forward to connecting and brainstorming together! I love to take on unique projects or advertising ideas and would be happy to hear your thoughts on how we can work together, because the main point of doing this for a career is having fun and sharing it with my readers!

I DO NOT accept any guest posts from companies on my website